Medical malpractice is a difficult thing for anyone in Calgary to face. A trusted medical professional or medical institution caused you harm rather than helping you heal, causing financial and physical problems for you and your family to contend with.

Not only that, but the complexities of medical malpractice make it difficult for most Calgary citizens to know whether they’ve been the victim of actionable negligence or not. Here are three quick questions you can ask to preliminarily determine whether or not you have a legitimate medical malpractice claim.

1. Did a Calgary medical professional cause you harm through a “bad act”?

Were you prescribed the wrong medication? Were you given a course of treatment that did not address your symptoms and/or that was outside the guidelines of established medical practice? Egregious examples can include surgery on the wrong body part, treatment for undiagnosed illnesses, and failed diagnoses that would reasonably have been made by a competent medical professional.

2. Did negligence lead to prolonged injury or illness, or additional symptoms?

Improper hygiene and sanitation in hospitals, improperly treated wounds, and other instances of negligence can lead to infections and other prolonged or additional illness and injury. When medical professionals fail to ensure your safety from additional problems, malpractice may have occurred.

3. Did you sustain serious injuries and/or medical complications?

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding the potential malpractice, if you were not seriously harmed by the incident then you do not have a valid civil claim for medical malpractice.

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