In Part 1 of this article we gave you three important tips when it comes to protecting your rights and interests when you’ve been injured in an accident. First, always seek medical attention right away if you feel you need it; second, always contact the Calgary Police or other local law enforcement to create a report of the incident; and third, keep your communication with other people involved in the accident to a minimum.

Here are four more tips that will protect your interests and any Calgary personal injury case that may result from your injuries.

4. Don’t Deal With the Insurance Companies On Your Own
Whether you’ve been in a car accident, been injured at a business that’s open to the public, or suffered an injury caused by someone else’s negligence in a different way, it is likely that the responsible party will be covered by an insurance company. That company may try to contact you to offer a quick settlement that can be far less than what you are owed.

Don’t sign anything! We recommend you don’t even talk to another party’s insurance company directly until you have sought legal advice. Let your Calgary personal injury lawyer deal with the insurance company for you—we handle cases like this every day, and so does the insurance company. Get experienced legal professionals on your side or at the very least, reasonable legal advice to avoid a situation where you may find yourself at a distinct disadvantage.

5. Contact a Calgary Personal Injury Lawyer ASAP
The insurance companies are one reason it’s a good idea to contact a Calgary personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. Other reasons including preserving evidence; ensuring proper medical care from the very beginning; obtaining assistance accessing any and all medical and disability benefits that are available to you; and reducing the stress surrounding your case so that your sole focus can be on getting better.

6. Work With Your Calgary Medical Professionals to Get Better
Getting better, after all, is your main goal. You want to do everything you can to heal as effectively as possible as quickly as possible, not only because that is what’s best for you and your family but also because that is what’s best for your personal injury case.

TV shows and other media might give the impression that exaggerating your injuries or letting them worsen is a good idea to turn an accident into a payday, but the real world does not work that way. Personal injury lawsuits are often necessary to receive just compensation, but their entire purpose is to try and make you whole after you have been injured. Prolonging or exaggerating your injuries will only hurt you and your claim, so do everything your doctor recommends when it comes to restoring your capabilities and resuming your life.

7. Listen to Your Lawyer and Remember Important Dates
Listening to your Calgary legal professionals is important, too. Listen to the advice you receive from your personal injury lawyer, and remember to follow through on important dates for paperwork, questionings, court appearances, and so on. For a better understanding of how your unique personal injury case might proceed, please contact our Calgary law office today.