Our office represents a number of minors, ranging from infants to teenagers, and their families, in claims that have arisen as a result of injuries suffered by those minors, including brain injury.

The cause of these brain injuries includes motor vehicle accidents, falls, medical negligence and even assault. Without an early diagnosis of traumatic brain injury and a proper understanding of the severity of the injury, the symptoms resulting from a brain injury, such as fatigue, changes in mood and personality, and cognitive difficulties, can be dismissed as “normal” and go untreated. For that reason, it is important not only that those in the medical community, but also the family members of individuals who have suffered injury be proactive in determining the cause behind such symptoms.

While there are always challenges with effectively treating traumatic brain injuries even once diagnosed, these challenges are perhaps most pronounced when dealing with children under 6 years of age. The reason being that these children are not yet attending school and there is therefore no real objective evidence on their level of functioning prior to the injury. While family members and friends can provide evidence of the child’s functioning pre-injury, it is important that the child be assessed as soon as possible and continually monitored by a medical professional, qualified to diagnose and treat pediatric brain injuries.

At Cuming & Gillespie LLP, we have built relationships with professionals in numerous areas of specialty, all of whom can be essential in providing proper treatment, aids, and support to the minors we represent and their families. Having these relationships allows us to not only build a strong case on behalf of the minor, but also ensure that they are given the best possible chance of recovery from their injuries.