Thanks to being strapped into a properly installed car seat, a three year old in Calgary escaped serious injury in a two car collision on August 9th.  

The toddler was with two other people in an SUV that collided with a minivan Sunday morning at approximately 10:15, in the eastbound lanes of Memorial Drive. Fortunately,  neither the driver of the SUV nor her adult passenger were injured, either, and the driver of the minivan went to the hospital with only minor injuries.

No one likes to think about being in a car accident, and contemplating a baby or child injured or even killed is that much worse. This accident demonstrates how important car seats are in protecting the lives of Calgary’s children.

Although car seats have been around since the 1930s, it wasn’t until 1962 that car seats were made with the idea of actually protecting children. Since then, a great deal has been learned and improved. Today’s car seats are far safer if used and installed properly, as this particular car accident demonstrates.

Many car seats are installed improperly by Calgary parents,which leaves children at a greater risk of serious injury during a car accident. Many cities and municipalities, including Calgary have car seat “clinics” where members of the police, fire, or other trained professionals will check your car seat to see that it is up to code and properly installed.

Take a lesson from this accident and make sure your kids are strapped in right!