At Cuming & Gillespie LLP, one of Calgary’s premier personal injury law firms, we work hard to ensure that each and every one of our personal injury/medical malpractice clients has the best chance at putting their lives back together and moving forward with the least possible amount of disruption following their injuries. This means providing the best possible information so our clients can make informed decisions; we publish this blog as part of our commitment to everyone in Calgary to provide the best service possible to our community.

Securing effective expert witnesses—and understanding what testimony is needed and how it should be presented—is part of the service we provide to our clients, and is essential in most personal injury and virtually all medical malpractice cases. Expert witnesses can provide important information to judges and juries about how accidents and injuries occurred, how they could and should have been prevented, and the extent of injuries and prognosis for recovery and future medical problems.

This information is often vital in successfully pursuing a personal injury case, and defendants in these cases will often try to call Plaintiff expert testimony into question or even to discredit expert witnesses with supposed biases, as in a recent case before the Supreme Court of Newfoundland and Labrador. This is why an understanding of how expert witnesses and expert testimony are viewed by the Calgary courts, and how the testimony needs to be presented in order to be effective—and indeed, in order for it to be allowed—is such an important part of your Calgary personal injury lawyer’s job.

Effective Calgary Personal Injury Lawyers Rely On Effective Experts

Our job is to know the law, and to know it well. Given that medical diagnoses and symptoms are central to the majority of our clients’ cases, we might be more familiar with medical terms and diagnoses than many, but we would never confuse that familiarity with the expertise of medical professionals—we can’t diagnose, and we can’t provide expert medical testimony. What we can do is find the right experts and ask them the questions we need answers to.

The same is true for engineering experts and accident reconstruction experts and a variety of other professionals with specialized knowledge that can be useful in a personal injury or medical malpractice case. A good personal injury lawyer will know how to get in touch with Calgary-area experts that can help explain the solid facts of your case to those who are making a decision about your future prospects.

Your case shouldn’t hinge on conjecture and opinion, but on clear testimony from experts in their field. That’s what we provide our clients in every case where expert testimony is needed.

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