The spine is one of the most essential parts of the human body, carrying messages to and from the brain that affect the function of almost every muscle and organ in the body—not to mention being instrumental in allowing us to stand, sit, walk, etc. An injury to the spine can have a range of consequences, from relatively minor to dramatically debilitating, and demonstrating the effects of these injuries on one’s capabilities and quality of life can be quite difficult.

In the most severe spinal injuries, damage to the spinal cord—the central bundle of nerves that carries instructions and feedback throughout the body—leads to paralysis and problems with organ functioning. Paraplegic and quadriplegic injuries are among the most severe survivable injuries to the spine, and while many victims of these injuries go on to lead happy and productive lives there is no question that their comfort, their capabilities, and their ability to choose how their life will unfold is dramatically altered by their spinal injury.

Other spinal injuries can lead to less obvious but still chronic problems, including ongoing pain and/or stiffness that can make it hard to sit or stand for prolonged periods and can reduce both physical capabilities and quality of life. These spinal injuries are no less real, but their significance can be more difficult to demonstrate.

A Calgary Spinal Injury Lawyer Brings Knowledge and Experience to Your Case

Personal injury law requires more than legal knowledge. It requires an understanding of where legal rules and guidelines meet with medical knowledge, allowing the right lawyer to develop a full strategy for establishing a fair compensation amount and then winning that award from a personal injury defendant. This is just as true for spinal injuries as it is for any other type of personal injury case, and can be especially true for chronic spinal injuries that do not have extreme external symptoms.

Pain, stiffness, and reduced range of motion/weight-bearing capabilities are not necessarily as clear-cut for Calgary juries as spinal injury victims might think. Though even a minor spinal injury can lead to dramatic reductions in earning capabilities and quality of life, those who have never experienced such an injury might see the plaintiff in a lawsuit as someone simply seeking a payout rather than seeking just compensation for the way their life has been altered.

The right lawyer will be able to use the symptoms you suffer, the opinions of medical experts, and their own experience handling similar cases to make the extent of your injuries something everyone can readily identify with. The pairing of legal knowledge and experience with expert medical opinions, as well as a real compassion for the victims of spinal injuries, is what it takes to be one of Calgary’s premier spinal injury lawyers.

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