Calgary, and the entire province of Alberta was built on a pioneering spirit that has made the most of the natural bounty in our environment. This has included a robust logging industry that provided many in the province with employment and provides highly sought after timber to the world. There’s no question that logging is an important and even vital part of our economy and our tradition, but there’s also no question that logging can be a dangerous enterprise—not just for those directly engaged in it, but for those around it as well.

Last month, at least three serious accidents involving logging trucks occurred, two of which led to fatal injuries. We do not have any details on these accidents other than what has been reported in news sources, and it would be inappropriate to comment on the potential legal outcomes of any of these cases. It is very appropriate, however, to remind everyone on Alberta’s roads and highways to use special caution when operating a logging truck or driving on roads frequented by these trucks, and to remind everyone in and around Calgary that they have rights when they’ve been seriously injured by someone else’s negligence.

Logging Truck Drivers and Logging Companies Are Accountable Under Calgary Law

While there is no evidence in the available details that the logging truck drivers were negligent in any of these accidents, when truck drivers are negligent—when they drive too fast for the given road conditions, fail to yield the right of way, fail to properly secure their loads, or make other errors that can cause an accident—they and often the companies they work for can be held accountable for any injuries they cause.

A fully loaded logging truck weighs many tons more than a standard passenger vehicle or even a heavy-duty pickup truck or SUV. This means stopping requires a longer distance, maneuvering requires special knowledge and experience, and more damage can be caused when things go awry. It is the job of every logging truck driver to ensure that they load and secure timber appropriately, and that they operate their vehicles with the safety of those around them as their primary consideration. It is also the job of the logging companies that employ these drivers to ensure their drivers have all of the proper licensing and training, and that their drivers maintain a record of making the right choices and operating safely.

If the driver, the company, or both make mistakes that cause serious injuries to others or even lead to their death, they can and should be held accountable for their negligence. Everyone in the Greater Calgary Area and throughout Alberta has the right to seek compensation for serious injuries or wrongful deaths caused by a logging truck accident resulting from the negligence of the driver or company.

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