At approximately 10:45 p.m. Friday, August 14, 2015, emergency crews were called to the scene of a multiple car collision on Highway 16 on the Yellowhead Highway, 16 kilometres west of Jasper, a popular vacation destination for many Calgarians.

RCMP said that the accident, which left four people dead while 15 more were taken the hospital, occurred when an eastbound pickup truck collided with another truck and three other vehicles headed westbound during conditions of heavy rain and fog. The highway was closed for at least eight hours, leaving drivers stranded.

25% of accidents with fatalities involve excessive speed. Rain on the road reduces the amount of traction your tires have, making it easier to slide and making it harder to slow down. In these conditions, even the posted speed limit may be too fast.

Heavy rain also limits visibility, meaning slower speeds are needed to react to potential problems in time.

Police have not yet determined whether excessive speed, alcohol, or weather conditions contributed to the crash, however for the victims, the outcome is the same.

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