As a Calgary law firm dedicated to helping personal injury victims get the justice they deserve, we see injuries that come from all types of incidents. From workplace slip-and-falls to medical malpractice injuries and more, the world can be a dangerous place when others aren’t being as careful as they should be, and the resulting injuries are often severe.

One of the more common causes of injuries leading to Calgary personal injury lawsuits are car accidents, which remain unfortunately frequent in what is otherwise one of the safest cities in Canada. Severe personal injuries, including spinal injuries and orthopaedic injuries that lead to chronic pain and/or limited range of motion, can be caused by what seem like relatively minor accidents. When those accidents and injuries are caused by another driver’s negligence, the injured party deserves compensation.

Why Calgary Auto Accidents Are At the Root of So Much Injury

Most of us spend a large part of our lives driving or being a passenger in a car. Many commuters spend ten or more hours every week in their cars just going to and from work. We drive in and around Calgary and throughout Alberta so frequently that it seems natural, but the fact is our bodies weren’t designed to move around at 100km/hr—or even 50km/hr—and they definitely weren’t made to stop or suddenly change direction at those speed.

Traffic laws are designed to make sure we can all use the roadways safely. Taking turns, signalling our intentions, obeying lights and traffic signs, and obeying speed limits are all meant to make sure we can drive throughout the Calgary area without causing injuries to others, and without having injuries caused to us. Virtually all car accidents occur when one or more driver fails to obey the rules of the road—they go faster than the speed limit, which limits their ability to respond to other traffic (and has the potential for causing greater injuries in accidents); they fail to signal when turning or merging, meaning other drivers can’t react appropriately in time; or they may simply fail to yield the right of way.

In all of these types of accidents, two very heavy vehicles traveling at high speeds collide, and a tremendous amount of force can be transferred to the human body. The result: broken bones, tissue damage, bruises and lacerations, spinal injuries and brain trauma, and more. Cars are safe when used safely, but when the rules are ignored serious injuries become likely.

Personal Injury Lawyers for Your Calgary Auto Accident Injuries

If you or a family member have been seriously injured in a car accident caused by someone else’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation in the Calgary courts. Contact the offices of Cuming & Gillespie LLP to discuss the circumstances of your accident, the extent of your injuries, and how to best proceed with your case. You don’t have to bear the burden of your car accident injuries alone—call today, and get the help you deserve!