Part of our role as one of Calgary’s premier personal injury law firms is providing relevant, up-to-date, and accurate information about personal injury law and cases to all Calgary residents. We have already published a series of articles defining terms common to many personal injury cases: duty of care, negligence, injury, tort, damages,awards, and settlements. In this article series, we’ll be describing the basic progress of a personal injury case through the Calgary courts. This is general information that may or may not be applicable to any specific case; for direct information related to the details of your case, please contact our office today.

First Steps Following an Injury-Causing Accident in Calgary

Your immediate actions following any serious injury should, of course, be all about getting the medical attention you need. Whether you are injured at a place of business and need first-aid treatment right away, are in a car accident and need to be taken to a Calgary hospital for observation or for treatment, or are suffering severe and unwarranted complications following an instance of potential medical malpractice, having your injuries tended to by a medical professional is essential to your health and recovery, and is actually an important part of any legal case that results from your accident.

Once you are medically stable, it is in your best interests to contact an experienced personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. Many injury-causing accidents are covered by various liability insurance protections—homeowner’s insurance, business insurance, and auto insurance are among the most common—and insurance companies are often quick to contact injury victims in an attempt to settle for far less than you may be entitled to. You may feel pressured into signing a deal before you are even done with your immediate medical treatment, in some instances.

With a dedicated Calgary personal injury lawyer by your side, you can take the pressure off yourself and get the time you need to heal while some else deals with the insurance company. A good lawyer will be able to fend off the insurance companies, talk with you and your doctors, and get a full understanding of the scope of your injuries before any settlement numbers are even discussed. The sooner you make the call to a personal injury lawyer, the sooner you’ll reduce the stress on you and your family and the better protected your rights and interests will be.

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