Calgary is one of Canada’s—and the world’s—safest cities, which is something all Calgarians can take a bit of pride in. Still, accidents can happen, and many accidents can lead to serious injuries. Car accidents, slip-and-falls, bicycle and pedestrian accidents, medical mistakes—they may be relatively rare occurrences, but when they affect you and your family they can seem like the only thing that matters.

At Cuming & Gillespie LLP, one of Calgary’s premier personal injury law firms, it is our goal to serve the people of Calgary with the most zealous legal representation and the most relevant, accurate legal information and advice possible. Though this blog cannot be used as a tool to answer specific legal questions for your unique personal injury case—for that, you’d need to contact our Calgary law office and speak to one of our experienced personal injury lawyers.

What we can do on this blog, however, is provide you with general information about personal injury law in Calgary, and provide you with tips that will help you in virtually any personal injury or medical malpractice case you become involved in. These tops tips, from our experienced Calgary personal injury lawyers to you, will help your case progress as smoothly and effectively as possible, no matter what your individual circumstance.

1. Seek Medical Attention Immediately for Any Injuries
The worst thing you can do—for yourself, for your family, and for any personal injury case arising from an accident—is fail to seek immediate medical attention if you’ve suffered any injuries. Some injuries to muscles, joints, and even fractured bones might not be immediately apparent at the accident scene. If you even suspect you may be injured, it is in your best interests to be checked by Calgary emergency responders and/or another medical professional.

Getting a medical examination as soon as possible after an accident puts you on the best course to healing. You’ll be able to prevent making your injuries worse, in many cases, and you’ll be better able to work with a personal injury lawyer to determine if you have a case.

2. Cooperate Fully with Calgary Police Following an Accident
Calgary Police or other relevant law enforcement officers should be contacted whenever there’s a car accident involving an injury. Police can also be called to take reports for many other types of accidents, and it is often in your interests to contact them.

When they arrive, cooperate with them and answer the questions you can. You do not have to provide explanations for things you don’t know, however, and if you need medical attention you should inform the Calgary Police or RCMP officers and be examined and treated before answering further questions.

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