We have all heard stories from those who purchased medical insurance for out-of-country travel, only to have suffered injury when away and have their claims for the medical costs of treatment subsequently denied by their insurer.

The denials are often made on the basis that the application for insurance was incorrectly filled out, with full medical disclosure not being made. This can result in individuals who thought they were covered by insurance being left to personally pay thousands of dollars in medical bills. Of particular concern, as we have seen in our office, are situations where the person seeking insurance was assisted or instructed on filling out the paperwork by a third party insurance agent or travel agent, who did not advise of the potential ramifications of incomplete disclosure. The financial consequence of incomplete or inaccurate disclosure, whether done honestly or not, can be significant and this is regardless of whether or not the claim-related injury or illness relates to a pre-existing condition.

For all travelers, and particularly the substantial number of Albertans who travel south for the winter, it is extremely important that you be diligent when filling out applications for travel insurance and ensure that all of the questions posed about your medical history are both fully and accurately answered.