Most serious injuries are as sudden as they are traumatic. One minute you’re walking down the sidewalk, driving down the road, or simply going about your work as usual, then suddenly your world is turned upside down by a trip and fall hazard, a car accident, or a workplace injury. A broken bone or chronic orthopaedic injury is bad enough, but when your injury leads to paralysis it’s another world altogether—suddenly you can no longer perform many of the daily activities you’ve counted on doing since you were a child, and your life is drastically different.

Paralysis following an injury can affect many parts of the body, from just a finger or two to entire limbs or even a large part of the body, possibly including internal organ systems. Even the most minor cases of partial paralysis can have a huge impact on your quality of life and even your career prospects, and more widespread paralysis affecting one or multiple limbs can make everyday tasks you took for granted suddenly all but impossible.

When you or a family member experiences a personal injury leading to paralysis, you’re confronted with the task of rebuilding your life, and relearning how to do almost everything. Pursuing your own personal injury case in the Calgary courts can be too much to take on—you deserve the best legal help available in Calgary.

Paraplegic, Quadriplegic, and Other Injuries Leading to Paralysis

Not only do injuries leading to paralysis dramatically limit and alter your day-to-day life, they also make it much harder to progress in many careers and substantially cut into your lifetime earning capabilities. Even routine office work can become an added strain when partially paralyzed, as the loss of muscle function in some areas can create a strain on other muscles groups and parts of the body. Careers that are more demanding when it comes to precise movements and/or physical labor might have to be abandoned altogether following a paralysis-causing injury.

Even while your income is being adversely affected by your injury, if you’re suffering from partial paralysis you also face higher medical costs. These costs don’t end with treating your initial injury or going through physical therapy and rehabilitation, but continue to arise from ongoing required medical treatment, special equipment to help you compensate for your paralysis, and increased long-term risks for other medical complications resulting from ongoing paralysis. Failing to take all of these issues into account when pursuing a personal injury case could leave you stuck with fewer options and dwindling hope for your future.

Calgary Personal Injury Lawyers with Experience Handling Paralysis Cases

The personal injury lawyers at Cuming & Gillespie LLP work exclusively with injury victims, primarily in and around the Calgary area, and have extensive experience helping those who have been paralyzed in accidents receive the compensation they deserve for their costs, their diminished quality of life, and their pain and suffering. For a free consultation with one of our dedicated personal injury lawyers, contact our office today.