Though it took place far from Calgary’s borders, the explosions that occurred after 72 oil tankers derailed when a runaway train left the tracks in Quebec have reverberated in Calgary’s media and in the hearts of Calgarians ever since. Though the tragic accident occurred nearly a year and a half ago, claiming forty-nine lives and all but entirely destroying the downtown area of Lac-Megantic, the family members of those who died in the incident have yet to be compensated for their loss.

Fortunately, recent rulings by judges in the United States—where the primary company responsible for the accident, Montreal, Maine and Atlantic, is based—and here in Canada have paved the way for a settlement fund to be set up, and disbursements for wrongful death claims could take place before the end of the year.

The laws governing wrongful death claims vary from province to province, yet are just as complex in Quebec as they are here in the Calgary area and throughout Alberta. This case was made even more complex due to its size and scope, and the fact that nearly two dozen companies had potential liability for the accident (Canadian Pacific, which is also potentially liable for the incident, is not a part of the current settlement, and could be required to make additional payments to victims and their families in the future).

The judges and personal injury lawyers working on behalf of the injury victims and the families of wrongful death victims have persevered despite the immense complexities of the case, however, and are now very close to delivering the promised justice and compensation that those directly affected by the accident have been waiting for.

“It’s good news for people who were hit hard, who lost loved ones, homes, businesses,” said Robert Bellefleur, who personally knew about 25 of those killed in the explosions and resulting fires, and a member of a Lac-Megantic-based coalition that promotes rail safety. “It’s very good news. It doesn’t replace lives. It will provide comfort and maybe enable people to get back on their feet and live a more normal life, but without ever forgetting what happened.”

Cuming & Gillespie LLP Can Help with Your Calgary-Area Wrongful Death Claim

Incidents as large as the Lac-Megantic tragedy are thankfully rare, however smaller accidents that result in wrongful deaths occur every day throughout Canada. Many such accidents occur here in the Greater Calgary Area, and they can be just as devastating to the families involved as any headline-causing incident. Partnering with the right Calgary personal injury lawyer can be just as important in receiving just compensation from a wrongful death suit, as well.

If you have recently lost a family member in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence, you don’t have to endure this difficult time alone. Contact Calgary’s premier personal injury and wrongful death law firm today for a free consultation, and get the help and the justice you deserve.