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Do Minor Accidents Warrant a Call to a Calgary Personal Injury Lawyer?

Contrary to what many Calgarians might think, the most dangerous time to drive on Calgary's roads and highways isn't winter. According to statistics from 2014, more traffic accidents in Alberta actually take place in October—the same month we typically get our first heavy snowfalls—than any other month. Even though there's more snow and more hazardous road conditions in the true winter season, there are also fewer drivers on Calgary's roads, and the weather and road conditions mean drivers use more caution and travel at slower speeds.

10 Things You Should Know About Calgary Personal Injury Law: Part 2

In Part 1 of this article, you learned three important things about personal injury law in Calgary: that the majority of personal injury cases stem from an act of negligence; that negligence occurs when a duty of care is violated; and that the negligence must lead to injury—to "real damages"—before a case should be brought to the Calgary courts. While this basic information may not shed much light on your own unique personal injury case, we hope it provides a solid understanding of the root of personal injury law in Calgary.