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Are Pedestrian Accidents Less Common in Calgary?

According to a recent opinion piece, Calgary's higher fines for violating pedestrian right-of-way makes our drivers far more conscious of pedestrians than in other major Canadian cities, and that keeps Calgary's pedestrians safer.

Calgary's Dedicated Personal Injury Lawyers

Because serious injuries are a relatively rare or even unique occurrence in the average Calgarian's life, most lack the experience to adequately predict what the recovery process will be like, how their professional and their family life will be affected, and how to get just compensation from the party(ies) responsible for causing them harm.

Understanding Calgary Personal Injury Law: Damages

As a Calgary law firm dedicated to helping all injury victims understand their rights and get the justice they're entitled to, we've committed ourselves to publishing a series of articles explaining various aspects of personal injury law in Alberta and some common elements of personal injury cases heard in the Calgary courts.