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It May Be Slow Season for Serious Calgary Car Accidents, But Stay Safe Out There!

Posted in: Blog // Written on behalf of Cuming & Gillespie
December 6, 2016

Car accidents are an unfortunate fact of life in a world where cars are such an important part of our daily lives. It’s pretty much impossible to imagine a Calgary without cars—we use them to get to and from work, to get our kids to and from their schools, to do our shopping and to visit friends and almost everything else we do away from our homes. Even in the middle of winter, when temperatures drop below freezing and our roads are frequently snowy and icy, we brave the elements to go about out business in our cars, hopefully taking the extra care the weather demands.

In fact, statistics show that Calgarians and Albertans at large generally do drive with extra care during the winter months. There are more accidents during the winter, as slippery roads make it harder for vehicles to stop, make turns, and otherwise maneuver as their drivers intend, but there are fewer accidents that lead to serious injuries and fatalities as Calgary drivers tend to go slower in the winter due to these very same conditions.

But just because there are fewer serious car accidents in Calgary during this season doesn’t mean the roads aren’t dangerous. Statistics mean very little when it’s you or a family member that has been significantly harmed in a car crash, and there’s no question that despite being rarer during the winter, there are car crashes that lead to fatalities every year. One of the winter’s first fatal car accidents occurred at the end of last month, and serves as a sobering reminder that everyone in Calgary needs to do their best to stay safe this season and the whole year ’round.

Fatal Calgary Car Crash on Deerfoot Trail

The accident occurred on November 29th, shortly before 6p.m., when two vehicles traveling southbound at Deerfoot Trail collided near Airport Trail, just west of the Calgary International Airport. Three individuals involved in the accident, including at least one of the drivers, were taken to hospital. Two of those injured in the accident were transported in stable condition, however one of the drivers, described as a man in his 40s, was transported in life-threatening condition and later died at hospital.

All southbound lanes of Deerfoot Trail at Airport Trail were closed for several hours while emergency, investigation, and cleanup crews went over the accident scene.

There are no reports regarding what caused the accident or which of the drivers may have been at fault. Regardless, all it took was one second for a collision to send three people to hospital and cost one man his life. The lesson for everyone driving around Calgary this winter is clear: take care of yourselves and those around you, and drive cautiously, slowly, and with plenty of space to maneuver and stop as needed.

Injured in a Calgary Car Accident? Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer ASAP

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