In Part 1 of this article, you learned about a controversial new treatment for some brain injuries currently being offered by a Calgary researcher and physician. As one of Calgary’s leading personal injury and medical malpractice law firms, Cuming & Gillespie LLP would never recommend that anyone pursue any course of treatment without the full approval of their medical team, however we also understand that research and test procedures must continue in order for new techniques and procedures to become approved parts of treatment for patients in need.

The brain injury treatment provided by the Calgary physician in question is, according to the physician, already in wide use in the United States and is well-founded as safe and effective in medical research. Though not yet in wide use in Canada, Calgary has long been a leader in advancing medicine generally and in the area of brain injury treatment specifically, and this treatment could prove to be another achievement in this regard.

Continuing that tradition still further is a collaboration between the University of Calgary and the Calgary Minor Soccer Association, which just got underway and may help prevent concussions in youth—when the brain is especially sensitive to injury.

Preventing Brain Injuries is the Best Possible Treatment

It’s safe to say that any Calgary medical professional would tell you the best way to handle a brain injury is not to get one in the first place. Working with Calgary’s youth soccer league this summer, researchers at the University of Calgary’s Sport Injury Prevention Research Centre are hoping to help young Calgarians do just that.

There’s been a strong push in recent years to reduce concussions among youth sports participants, and a greater awareness that these injuries are occurring. Recent rule changes adopted and proposed in youth hockey aim to accomplish this in a sport known to contribute to concussions when played with the current professional rules; the research being undertaken this summer will help identify how, when, and how frequently concussions occur in youth soccer.

Researchers will be able to use this information to advise the soccer league on rule changes and other steps they can take to limit the risk of head injuries during practices and games. While the athleticism and competitiveness of sports are part of what makes them fun endeavors for players, parents, and fans, no one could argue that Calgary’s youth should be exposed to undue risk of a brain injury in pursuit of a soccer trophy.

Anything that reduces the number of brain injury victims seeking medical treatment in the Greater Calgary Area, and that reduces the number of people who need help from Calgary’s personal injury lawyers, is great in our book. We’re happy to see Calgary continuing to lead the charge in protecting our grey matter!

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