Experienced Calgary Personal Injury Lawyers for Long-Term Disability Claim Denials and Terminations

When a person is suffering from a serious illness, disability or injury, long-term disability coverage can make all the difference in their ability to manage their treatment and recovery. When you are unable to work and earn an income, long-term disability coverage allows you to continue to pay essential living expenses while focusing on your health. When a long-term disability claim is denied or unjustly terminated, it can be devastating to be suddenly faced with financial insecurity in addition to debilitating health concerns.

At Cuming & Gillespie LLP, our lawyers are exclusively dedicated to the practice of assisting injured persons. We have helped numerous clients seek compensation for debilitating accidents and injuries, including providing them with much-needed assistance facing their insurers in long-term disability disputes. We have a thorough understanding of how Alberta’s insurance industry operates, and we know how to effectively challenge denials or premature terminations of legitimate disability claims. We work with each client to gather the evidence necessary for the best chance of success in either appealing the insurer’s decision or in bringing a lawsuit against their insurer from wrongful termination/denial.

Most Common Reasons Long-Term Disability Claims are Denied or Terminated

Long-term disability claims can be denied or terminated for a variety of reasons, but there are some common reasons insurance companies cite as the basis for a denial, including:

  • So-called “invisible” or “subjective” conditions, including mental health conditions, chronic pain, or chronic fatigue syndrome. Since these conditions are not something that can be demonstrated with an MRI or blood test results, they can be more difficult to prove;
  • Missing a limitation period for making a claim or appealing a denial under your insurance policy;
  • Coverage exclusions under the policy, such as a “pre-existing condition” clause; and
  • Credibility issues, particularly due to surveillance by the insurer. This surveillance often includes the monitoring of social media accounts, where a person’s posts may appear to contradict the claims being made.

Proving a Long-Term Disability Claim in Alberta

When litigating against an insurance company after a denial or termination of a long-term disability claim, it is important to gather the information that will best set the claimant up for success. Our lawyers will thoroughly review each clients’ disability policy and advise them with respect to the documentation that will give them the best chance to be properly compensated. In many cases, this could involve obtaining assessments or opinions from medical and/or psychological specialists in order to establish that the client’s condition translates to an inability to work.

Through our experience in handling both disability and injury claims, our lawyers will identify and access the appropriate expert opinions needed to support our clients’ claims. Our lawyers will also communicate directly with the insurance company on each client’s behalf. While our ultimate goal in every action is to have the insurer’s decision overturned, we also focus on removing as much stress and burden from our clients in the interim so they can focus on their health.

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