Maia speaks with CBC Edmonton on the in-person trial backlog

Partner, Maia Tomljanovic, recently spoke to CBC Edmonton about how many in-person trials delayed this month will likely add to an already-existing backlog

Maia Tomljanovic Interviewed on Inside Medical Malpractice Podcast

Associate lawyer, Maia Tomljanovic, was recently interviewed by host Chris Rokosh on two episodes of the Inside Medical Malpractice podcast.

Maia featured in a CTV News Article

Calgary Mother Files $16.6 Million Lawsuit Against AHS For Alleged Failure Of Care For Infant Son.

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The winners [of Canadian Lawyer's 2019-20 Top 10 Personal Injury Boutiques] who spoke with Canadian Lawyer talked about goals that go beyond successful judgments and financial compensation.

Trial delays in personal injury disputes add insult to injury

Lawyers say that delays across Canada make a mockery of access to justice for plaintiffs and defendants.

Canadian Lawyer on Capping Damages

Craig Gillespie discusses with Canadian Lawyer Magazine that caps on minor injury claims can place undue hardship on plaintiffs and may not consider the effects of minor injuries over time.