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Paraplegia & Quadriplegia

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Calgary Lawyers Assisting Clients Who Have Suffered Spinal Cord Injuries  

Spinal cord injuries are life-changing, not only for the person who has been injured, but also for family members, friends, and other people central to the injured person’s day-to-day life. These injuries are often unexpected, and no one is ever truly prepared for them.

Individuals with spinal cord injuries or those who face paraplegia or quadriplegia will almost always require years of rehabilitation, and their ability to work may be permanently altered. Obtaining fair compensation is extremely important and choosing the right lawyer can make all the difference.

At Cuming & Gillespie, our wealth of knowledge and experience make us well-equipped to handle the most serious of personal injury claims, including serious neck, back, and spinal cord injury claims. We work tirelessly to ensure our clients can obtain the highest compensation possible. With more than $175 million in damages recovered for our clients in the last decade, we have the skill and experience needed to obtain significant compensation for your injuries and help you move on with your recovery.

We have the Resources, Skills, and Compassion You Need 

At Cuming & Gillespie, we believe there are three elements a lawyer who is handling serious personal injury claims must possess:

  1. The resources to properly assess and see a serious claim through to the end;
  2. The skill to litigate a serious claim to its fullest extent, including proceeding to trial when necessary; and
  3. The compassion to understand the importance of a lawsuit and what the results mean to the injured individual.

Our personal injury lawyers possess all these elements and deeply understand the enormous responsibility that comes with acting for seriously injured people. When you cannot afford to leave your future to chance, turn to Cuming & Gillespie.  Our award-winning lawyers have a proven track record of obtaining significant compensation for our clients and are considered leaders in the field. We will work diligently to get you the compensation you need to live a comfortable life, despite your injuries.

Our Commitment to You is Long-Term

At Cuming & Gillespie in Calgary, we are committed to ensuring that those who have suffered spinal cord injuries can access the support they need. We are extremely proud to be the founding donor of the Foothills Hospital Brain Injury Patient Experience Program. This program assists those who have suffered from brain and spinal cord injuries with the ultimate goal of helping injured individuals rehabilitate while they are in the hospital, and then to help them transition back into the community.

We are proud to have assisted in the implementation of this program, and continue to provide funding to ensure the right people are hired to increase the positive experience for patients in a hospital setting. You can learn more about the Program at the Calgary Health Trust website.

Compassionate and Committed Lawyers Helping Those with Spinal Cord Injuries Get Fair Compensation  

If you have suffered from a spinal cord injury and are thinking of pursuing a claim for damages, please call us at 403-571-0555 or contact us online to book an appointment today. We can help you figure out what your next steps are, and would be happy to discuss your options.