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Alberta’s proximity to the mountains and the great outdoors allows residents and visitors to participate in a number of recreational activities, such as skiing or snowmobiling in the winter or visiting water parks, boating or riding ATVs in the warmer months. While these activities are a great way to enjoy Alberta’s four seasons, they can also be very dangerous. Accidents can occur even with the most experienced participants when it comes to skiing, ATVs or snowmobiling. With respect to water parks or amusement parks, equipment malfunction or employee negligence can, unfortunately, result in unforeseen injuries as well.

Serious recreational accidents can stem from multiple reasons; negligence, defective equipment, improper use of a vehicle or performing unsafe maneuvers to name a few. Such accidents can result in serious, catastrophic injuries or fatalities.

At Cuming & Gillespie LLP we know that these serious accidents can impact people physically, psychologically, and financially. If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in such an incident, our wealth of experience and excellent track record for obtaining compensation for our injured clients make us the best choice to represent your interests.

Most Common Type Injuries from Recreational Accidents

Most common types of injuries from accidents sustained when boating, riding ATVs or snowmobiles, or at amusement and water parks include:

Pursuing a Claim  

ATV, Snowmobile and Boating Accidents

ATV, snowmobile and boating accident claims can be complicated for a variety of reasons. If the accident is caused by a careless driver, he or she may be sued for negligence. If the accident is caused by a defective design or other product issue, it may be possible to sue the designer or manufacturer. Where multiple people have been injured in accidents resulting from a defect or other product problem, a class action lawsuit may be a potential course of action.

If you have been injured in an ATV or snowmobile accident, you will need a lawyer with the significant experience making in such personal injury claims. Hiring a lawyer with this particular knowledge can help you maximize the potential damages you may be able to receive.

Waterparks and Amusement Parks

There are multiple ways one can become injured at a water or amusement park. Some issues may be user error such as failing to adhere to posted guidelines, however many are a result of poorly designed equipment or operator error.

We have all heard of people becoming injured when a ride or roller coaster fails in some way, causing people to fall, or be struck by another object. Many carnivals and small amusement parks travel from place to place and are set up in each location temporarily, especially in colder climates as we have in Calgary. Smaller attractions will come into town for a short period of time in the summer, setting up complicated rides and equipment multiple times, expanding the possibility for error. With respect to larger, permanent structures, these sometimes fail due to age or lack of proper maintenance. In other cases, accidents can result from employee negligence.

In water parks, in particular, there are specific guidelines employees must adhere to when directing customers to the slides. Failure to space riders out appropriately can result in collisions mid-ride that cause severe injuries. In other cases, the injuries sustained may not be from an accident, but rather the environment. Our firm has previously represented clients who suffered lesions as a result of bacteria in the water at a local water park. In that case, many of the victims were young children, and the symptoms did not appear for some time after exposure. Some victims did not make the connection between the injuries and the cause until the case was widely publicized.

Documenting the Injuries

If you become injured on an ATV, snowmobile or boat, or at an amusement or water park, it is important to document as much as you can as soon as possible after the injury. Take photographs of the injury, the equipment and the scene in general. Make detailed notes and collect names of other parties or employees where applicable. The more details you can provide to your lawyer, the easier it will be to put a claim together. For more information on properly documenting an injury, see our FAQ page.

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