A Calgary woman was pinned by a rolling vehicle in the Glenwood community on a Saturday in late June, apparently after exiting the vehicle while it was moving.

Though she did not receive any life threatening injuries, the woman was taken to a Calgary-area hospital with severe injuries to her leg. This type of injury could potentially include broken bones, ongoing orthopaedic problems, and potentially a lifelong debilitation.

From the evidence made available by the Calgary emergency services, it does not appear that anyone else was at fault for this accident.

In similar cases, injuries have been caused by vehicles that rolled due to faulty parking brakes or driver carelessness, both of which can be grounds for a personal injury case in Calgary. Driver negligence and car accidents are the cause of many injuries in the Calgary area every year, and careless parking on a hill is unquestionably negligent.

Cases involving faulty mechanics are somewhat more complex, but when it can be demonstrated that a manufacturing process led to an unsafe condition it is often possible to hold the manufacturer responsible for injuries caused.

Everyone in Calgary should remember to stay safe no matter what the situation, and never get out of a moving vehicle. Whenever you’re seriously injured, your first call should be to Calgary’s emergency services; if your injury was caused by someone else’s negligence, calling an experienced personal injury lawyer as soon as possible will also be in your best interests.