In Calgary, as in the rest of Alberta and Canada at large, criminal and civil cases are two almost-entirely separate areas of law. Whether or not someone has committed a crime has no direct bearing on whether or not they are civilly liable for anything, and in the vast majority of civil cases—including personal injury cases—even defendants guilty of negligence aren’t guilty of an actual crime.

A bank robbery committed on August 11, 2015 is a different story.

After robbing a branch of ATB Financial in southwest Calgary, a man jumped into a vehicle being driven by a woman, and the car sped off. Calgary Police gave chase from the air, with their helicopter tracking the vehicle as it tried to make a high speed escape.

The chase ended, all too predictably, with a car crash and the arrest of both the female driver and male passenger of the vehicle.

While only minor injuries were reported, their illegal car chase following the serious crime of bank robbery could result in these would-be robbers finding themselves on the wrong side of the courtroom not only in their criminal trial, but in a personal injury lawsuit, too. The clear-cut nature of their recklessness and negligence would only make things that much worse for them.

If you or a family member has been injured in a car accident in the Calgary area, you’re entitled to legal assistance even if no crime has been committed. Contact the dedicated personal injury lawyers at Cuming & Gillespie LLP today and get the help you deserve.