A class action suit is essentially the grouping of a number of related lawsuits into one.

To be pursued, it has to be certified as a class action suit by the courts, which will only be done where there are a number of plaintiffs (or, in some cases, defendants) with common legal issues, such that it would be more efficient for the individual matters to be dealt with as one. Cuming & Gillespie LLP has been involved in, and spearheaded, a number of class action suits, which in appropriate circumstances allows us to represent the interests of a substantial number of class members through one civil action. In a class action lawsuit, there will always be what is referred to as the “representative plaintiff”, who is essentially the point person for the class. It is the representative plaintiff and the lawyers for the class who represent the interests of all of the class members. In order to join a class action lawsuit as a class member, your legal issues and injuries must be substantially similar to those faced by the other class members. Prior to joining a class action lawsuit or as necessary in some cases, opting out of one, you should speak to the lawyers representing the class and also consider seeking an independent legal opinion.