Injuries caused by medical malpractice can be some of the most devastating and painful to deal with. Not only can a missed diagnosis, a surgical error, a hospital-acquired infection, and other medical mishaps lead to serious health conditions and even death, but the sense of betrayal that many medical malpractice victims feel can compound the pain and suffering of the injury itself. We expect our doctors and nurses to have our health at the forefront of their thoughts and actions, and most of them live up to this expectation the vast majority of the time—which makes it all the more upsetting when one of them fails to.

Many patients in Calgary are understandably angry when they learn that they’ve been the victim of medical malpractice, but many also feel a certain sense of shame or even guilt for thinking ill of their doctor or other medical professional. Taking the step to contact a Calgary medical malpractice lawyer can be difficult, or even seem to extreme or adversarial. Yet when you’ve been caused serious harm by a trusted member of the medical community, contacting a lawyer might be the best thing you can do for yourself and for others in the Calgary area.

Medical Injuries are Costly to Calgary’s Citizens

A medical malpractice suit isn’t about punishing a medical practitioner for making a mistake. It’s about getting the competition you deserve for the injuries you’ve sustained and the costs you have to bear as a result—costs that can be quite considerable. Additional medical bills from injuries caused by malpractice can quickly mount into the tens of thousands and beyond, and many injuries cause Calgary patients to miss work or even to become incapable of performing their jobs. When you’ve been hurt financially by someone else’s negligence, that someone else ought to make you financially whole again, and that’s exactly what a medical malpractice suit is for.

There are also cases where medical malpractice isn’t just the result of a simple mistake, but a willful and/or egregious error on the part of a medical practitioner. While these instances are rare in our Canadian healthcare system, they do occur, and those responsible for injuries in these cases need to be held accountable for the good of the larger Calgary community. There are other proceedings in place in the medical community to determine when someone should be prevented from practicing medicine or face other sanctions, but a medical malpractice case can be an important part of shedding light on certain choices and actions that other physicians should steer clear of.

Without a system in place to address medical malpractice, the cost of malpractice to the Calgary community at large—in terms of dollars, in terms of health, and in terms of life—would be much higher.

Contact a Calgary Medical Malpractice Lawyer to Get the Help You Deserve

If you’ve been seriously injured as the result of suspected medical malpractice, you deserve compensation. For a free initial consultation with a leading Calgary medical malpractice lawyer, please contact our office today.