As one of Calgary’s premier personal injury law firms, the team at Cuming & Gillespie LLP helps the citizens of the Greater Calgary Area and the province of Alberta struggling with a variety of injuries caused by many different accidents, errors, and unsafe conditions. Accidents in the workplace, in businesses and public areas, and on Calgary’s roads can lead to broken bones, internal organ damage, and other injuries that cause major short-term disruptions and even lifelong debilitations in many instances.

Some of the most devastating injuries are also the most insidious, with their full effects sometimes unknown for years and with symptoms manifesting in different and unpredictable ways. This is the case with many traumatic brain injuries, a type of injury we’ve given specific focus in our practice of personal injury law here in Calgary. In addition to helping found the Brain Injury Patient Experience Program at Calgary’s Foothills Hospital, we’re always on the lookout for new research that can help our clients and other brain injury victims achieve more full recoveries and learn to adjust to leave more normal, happy, and productive lives.

We’re also pleased whenever a new program emerges that can help prevent traumatic brain injuries from occurring in the first place, which is why we were thrilled to read about a new program that’s bringing together artists, athletes, and some Calgary kids recovering from brain injuries in a program to boost brain injury awareness and make preventative helmet use more “cool.”

Staying safe and healthy has always been cool in our book, of course, but for many Calgary kids—and even plenty of Calgary adults—helmet use during potentially dangerous activities is seen as “uncool” and unnecessary. Any program that makes helmets more attractive and less objectionable has the potential to truly change and even save lives, and that’s no exaggeration; the odds of surviving a serious head trauma, and of surviving without long-term effects from a traumatic brain injury, increase dramatically when a helmet is there to protect your skull and brain.

This program allowed a handful of Calgary kids with brain injuries in their past to work with artists in designing the “perfect helmet”—helmets that are protective and that look just the ways kids want them, encouraging them to be worn as fashion statements. Each artist-kid pairing also included an athlete who will wear the helmet during their season to promote safety and brain injury awareness in the public at large, helping to prevent brain injuries while also raising awareness of brain injury victims and the accommodations and understanding they need.

If you ask us, everyone who suffers from a traumatic brain injury and continues seeking out a happy and fulfilling life each day is a hero, and we’re glad that this Helmet for Heroes program is helping to spread the recognition they deserve.

Calgary-Based Legal Help for Your Traumatic Brain Injury

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