Injuries caused by medical malpractice can be among the hardest for our clients to contend with. Not only are they hurt, often with very serious medical complications, but the person or persons who caused their injuries are trusted professionals—oftentimes doctors that our clients have been seeing for months or even years.

Even a long-term medical relationship can end with harm caused by negligence, though, and in such cases many patients initially struggle with how to approach their doctors or other medical professionals with their concerns. Accusing someone of not only making a mistake with their job, but of making a mistake that caused serious harm, can be difficult even if it doesn’t end a trusting relationship, and far more difficult when it does.

The good news: you don’t have to worry about confronting your doctor or medical professional at all.

When you first suspect or learn that you have been harmed due to a medical professional’s actions (or inactions), your next phone call should be to an experienced Calgary medical malpractice lawyer. You should also, of course, seek treatment from another medical professional or facility to mitigate whatever damage is caused by the malpractice, and then you should focus on getting well.

Your personal injury/medical malpractice lawyer will handle all of the necessary paperwork and notice-giving, ensuring that you don’t have to confront those responsible for harming you face to face.

Your job is getting better. Holding the medical community responsible for their mistakes is our job.