A year ago, the Calgary community was shaken when a group of teenagers snuck into the Canada Olympic Park at night to use the bobsled track, where they collided with a barrier. Two twin brothers died at the scene, and six of their friends were injured—three of them critically. Questions regarding the nighttime security at the park and the safety of the bobsled track reverberated throughout Calgary and Canada’s media, and our city came together to mourn those who were lost and protect others from further injury.

It’s hard to look for silver linings in a dark episode such as this. If there’s any good that can come from this tragedy, it’s that everyone in Calgary has a better idea of how to keep themselves and their family safe and prevent serious injuries from similar accidents. In that light, here are three recommendations from one of Calgary’s most dedicated personal injury lawyers to keep you and your loved ones healthy and safe.

1. Steer Clear of Fenced-Off Calgary Properties
All businesses in Calgary that are open to the public have a responsibility to maintain safe conditions for consumers. From grocery stores to sports-centered businesses like the Olympic Park, proper signs pointing out potential hazards, cordoning off areas of higher risk, and generally maintaining a safe property that doesn’t create an undue risk of accidents is a legal requirement.

In this incident, the teenagers involved are believed to have climbed a fence surrounding the Olympic Park—a fence that the park’s owners put up in part to live up to their legal responsibility. Because their business unquestionably presented the risk of injury to consumers—it’s part of the nature of many sports, including bobsledding—the exterior fence was meant to prevent unauthorized and unsupervised use. Whether or not the fence in this case was a sufficient deterrent is a matter for the Calgary courts, but everyone in Calgary is safer by staying away from fenced-off properties: you don’t know what hazards may exist there.

2. Pay Attention to Potential Hazards
Not knowing what hazards might lie around the corner is something everyone has to deal with. Accidents aren’t planned; we don’t know when or where they’re going to happen. Being more aware of our environment and any potential hazards is a good way to avoid many accidents, however. If you notice a heavy item stored high on a shaky shelf, an uneven floor that creates a tripping hazard, or a barrier or obstruction in the path of high-speed traffic, do what you can to avoid the hazard and to warn others.

3. Proper Training Keeps You Protected
Using sporting equipment, vehicles, or machinery without proper training puts you at a significant risk for a serious injury. Get professional assistance until you have the knowledge and experience required to keep yourself and those around you safe—don’t assume that because you’ve done something once without being harmed that you can do it again.

Professional assistance is also important if you’ve been injured due to someone else’s negligence. For a free consultation with a compassionate Calgary personal injury lawyer, please contact our office today.