A Chestermere teen has succumbed to his injuries and passed away following a crash at an increasingly dangerous intersection due east of Calgary along the Trans-Canada Highway.

The crossing of the Trans-Canada with Highway 791, which lies very near the high school the victim attended, has been cited as especially dangerous for several years as the Chestermere population has grown and traffic to and from Calgary has increased. Plans were underway to increase the intersection’s safety, and a full interchange has been proposed multiple times.

None of this comes in time to save the victim in this incident, who was injured  when another car attempted to turn left in front of him, with both traveling at highway speeds.

Charges are expected to be filed against the other driver, and a wrongful death suit in the Calgary area courts is also likely in this driver’s future.

The accident and wrongful death have led to renewed cries for improving the intersection, and some Chestermere and Calgary-area residents have expressed anger at officials for ignoring this problem.

As the high school mourns the death of one of their own, it is hoped that safe and defensive driving techniques will be adopted by all who use these roads and that intersection in particular. There is no better way to honor someone killed in such an easily preventable accident than to ensure greater safety for our entire Calgary-area community in the future.