Because they lie below the surface, many orthopaedic injuries—those involving the musculoskeletal system, including bone injuries, muscle tears, and associated damage to tendons, ligaments, and nerves—can often appear to be inconsequential to an outsider. Anyone in the Calgary area who has experienced a serious orthopaedic injury, though, or who has seen a friend or family member suffer from such an injury, knows that they can have a dramatic impact on one’s quality of life even if they are completely invisible on the surface.

Your personal injury lawyer should understand the impact of seemingly-invisible orthopaedic injuries, too. Even more importantly, your lawyer should know how to consult with medical professionals and present factual evidence in a compelling way that enables Calgary judges and juries to understand the extent of these injuries, as well. Getting fair compensation for your medical injuries, your lost productivity and earning potential, and your ongoing pain and suffering requires more than simply presenting a diagnosis.

Calgary’s premier personal injury law firm understands how unique and how important each and every orthopaedic injury case truly is.

Legal Arguments and Medical Evidence in Orthopaedic Injury Lawsuits

Personal injury law is written in black and white, but when it comes to any individual case before the Calgary area courts—and any specific injury that creates a cause for action—the law is practiced in shades of grey. This is especially true in the case of injuries that cause chronic pain, diminished range of motion, and other symptoms that might be largely invisible on the outside but that which severely impact your day-to-day activities, your career, and your quality of life.

In order to not only demonstrate that an actionable orthopaedic injury has occurred, but to illustrate the extent to which the injury is impacting—and expected to impact—the injury victim’s life, extensive medical evidence must be presented in a manner that is in keeping with legal guidelines and established practices for such evidence. Make no mistake—a personal injury lawsuit involving an orthopaedic injury is a complex case, and one that is best served by lawyers and medical witnesses with extensive experience in successfully handling plaintiff’s cases.

The effects of orthopaedic injuries can be worsened and prolonged when injury victims can’t access the full treatment they need as soon as possible. Returning to work too early can lead to reinjury or contribute to reduced life-long capabilities and increased chronic pain, but many are pressured to cut treatment short and return to work due to financial stress. These are problems you shouldn’t have to face without the knowledge and experience provided by your medical team and your personal injury lawyer.

Calgary-Area Personal Injury Lawyers for Your Orthopaedic Injury

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