Despite a frightening run-in with a semi-truck in May, Calgary Stampeder Fred Bennett is ready to go for another career-high season in the CFL.

Though his position as a field-side cornerback doesn’t put him in the center of the action very often, Bennett has proven capable of taking these rare opportunities to turn the tide in favor of his team on more than one occasion. Last seasons, Bennett was named a league all-star for his achievements on Calgary’s roster.

“These past couple of years, man, just some of the things I’ve been able to do in this league, I’ve just watched myself grow since 2012, my first time coming up here not knowing what to expect with the waggle and the speed and just getting accustomed to the game,” says Bennett. “Now, I just feel comfortable with everything, and I feel like I’m playing at a very high level.”

Bennett’s outlook is all the more inspiring due to his recent accident involving a semi-truck, which could have been career- and even life-ending. Semi-truck accidents often result in serious injuries that can require months or years of therapy and recuperation, and even result in many cases of wrongful death.

In Bennett’s case, his injuries were mercifully minor and he only missed a few days of training camp. So far, he has played in every game possible since moving to Calgary from the NFL in 2012, and he looks ready to keep that streak alive.