By almost any measure, Calgary is one of the safest cities in the world. It’s one of the reasons we love living here, and it makes us that more dedicated to our Calgary personal injury clients—when someone’s negligence disrupts our city’s safety, those injured by that negligence are all the more deserving of zealous representation and fair compensation. Our strong safety record helps makes Calgary a thriving community for families and businesses of all sizes and types, and we fight for our clients to keep that thriving community intact.

Unfortunately, one sign of Calgary’s success is also a potential risk to those who live and work here. Tractor-trailers, also called semi-trucks, are a common sight on Calgary’s roads and highways. The work put in by truck drivers and the cargos they carry are important elements of Calgary and Alberta’s many industries, and the more trucks you see on the road the better our economy is doing. Yet trucks can also be very dangerous to others on the road, as a recent tragic accident reminds us.

Semi-Truck Accident Causes Fatality East of Calgary

As reported by Global News, an accident occurred east of Calgary on Highway 24 just outside Township 234 at approximately 1pm in the afternoon on Monday, January 23rd. A semi truck collided head-on with a passenger vehicle, and the driver of the passenger vehicle was pronounced dead at the scene. The driver of the semi truck was not injured.

No cause was given for the accident, and it is not clear if road conditions or other external factors played a role. It also isn’t clear if one of the vehicles was entering or exiting the highway when the collision occurred, or if one of the vehicles crossed over the highway into the oncoming lane of traffic. Regardless, the driver of the smaller vehicle lost their life as a result of an accident, an all too common occurrence when semi-trucks are involved in collisions on Calgary highways.

The sheer size and weight of tractor-trailers makes them a greater danger on the road than smaller vehicles. Much larger amounts of force are created when a semi-truck is moving at highway speeds, which makes slowing, stopping, and maneuvering all the more difficult, and also leads to more damage being done when accidents occur. That’s why truck drivers are required to take special care when sharing Calgary’s roads with others, and why there are additional licensing requirements before drivers can take these big rigs out on public streets and highways.

No matter how careful drivers are, however, accidents happen, and when they do it’s the drivers and passengers of smaller vehicles who pay the price. Be aware of semi-trucks around you, give them extra distance, and when road conditions are more hazardous be sure to use extra caution.

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