Mingling medicine and the law has always been a complex and uncertain process, and the practice of personal injury law in Calgary makes that perfectly clear every day. One of the most unfortunate areas in which these complexities arise is in the case of spinal injuries caused by accidents, where one party is responsible for another party’s serious, often debilitating, and potentially lifelong injuries, and where the extent of those injuries can be difficult to determine and to prove.

The only other common area of personal injury practices that approaches spinal injuries in terms of its complexities and difficulties are traumatic brain injuries, and it’s no coincidence. Injuries to the brain and the spine can have affects throughout the rest of the body, and some of these can appear mild to the casual observer while causing real and constant suffering to injury victims. Building and litigating personal injury cases in Calgary involving these injuries is a task that requires an experienced legal team with plenty of medical acumen.

Why Spinal Injuries Can Confuse Calgary Courtrooms

When people hear “spinal injury,” they likely think of limb paralysis and the loss of other bodily functions or control over the body. It is unquestionably true that these very serious and easily observable effects can result from spinal injuries, and when such spinal injuries are the result of another party’s negligence they are undoubtedly cause for a lawsuit. Not all injuries are so obvious, though.

Spinal injuries can also come with other, less extreme effects that are nonetheless capable of causing intense and chronic suffering. The earning potential and quality of life for Calgary citizens suffering from spinal injuries is often greatly damaged even without paralysis or the loss of any essential bodily function. Chronic, non-specific nerve pain in the feet, fingers, legs, and arms is not uncommon in Calgary spinal injury victims, nor are sensations of tingling, burning, or numbness in the limbs and extremities. Many if not most spinal injury victims find it difficult to remain seated or standing for long periods of time, which can affect job performance, the ability to travel (for work or for pleasure), and many other activities Calgarians from all walks of life enjoy.

The fact that spinal injuries can lead to such varied symptoms, and that these symptoms can range from the deceptively subtle to the tragically extreme to outside observers, can make a successful personal injury lawsuit involving spinal injuries more difficult. With experienced lawyers who know how to work with Calgary medical professionals, judges, and juries to demonstrate how profoundly a life can be affected by a spinal injury, though, the chances for a successful and just outcome are much higher.

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