A Calgary personal injury lawyer offers a few words of warning to Calgary drivers as summer draws to a close.

August is here, and that means it’s time for everyone’s final summer fling before our brief fall and our long (and beloved) Calgary winter sets in. But while you’re enjoying the sunshine and warmer air in this last month or two before the snow, don’t forget that this season is actually one of the more dangerous times to be on Calgary’s roads. Enjoy the great outdoors and all the roads that get you there, but be careful, be aware, and be safe.

Alberta’s Summer Accident Statistics May Surprise You

Everyone in Calgary knows that roads are more dangerous during the winter…right? Snow that reduces traction and visibility, ice that makes you slide instead of coming to a stop, and all manner of other hazards crop up when the temperature drops.

While it makes logical sense, and while it’s true that road conditions during the winter require even greater care (and skill, some would say) than driving when things are warm and dry, this doesn’t actually make driving in the summer safer—at least not in Calgary and the rest of Alberta. Because we all know how slippery the roads can be when the snow and ice comes, we all drive more carefully, using lower speeds and greater caution. The end result is that Calgary sees fewer serious traffic accidents in the winter, while summer is high season not only for the sun but for significant injuries and even fatalities.

According to the most recent statistics from Alberta Transportation’s Office of Traffic Safety, January sees more accidents overall than any other month, but most of these are minor fender-benders that don’t result in any injuries. The month with the highest number of traffic fatalities is July, when everyone is out on vacation and driving like they don’t have a care in the world. That carelessness, and the high speeds and greater risks that come with it, impact the numbers in June and August, too, which have the second and third highest number of fatal accidents, respectively.

It may seem ironic that the poorer road conditions in the winter end up leading to a lower risk for serious accidents, but in a city like Calgary where a nice long winter is a standard way of life that’s exactly what happens. So keep that in mind while you’re out on Calgary and Alberta’s roads this August, and enjoy the last days of summer in safety—while making sure everyone else gets where they’re going safely, too.

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