A recent tragedy in Calgary raises questions about liability in traffic accidents and wrongful death claims. A Calgary personal injury lawyer provides answers.

Accidents are a fact of life. While we take great pride in the fact that Calgary is one of the safest cities in Canada and the world, and that our citizens (and our many visitors) are by and large courteous, careful, and conscientious, serious accidents still occur every day. From unsafe conditions and practices in Calgary workplaces to improperly maintained businesses and structures to simply not paying complete attention to traffic, accidents can occur in any number of ways.

Accidents can cause any number of injuries, too, and while most accidents only lead to scrapes and bruises some lead to very serious injuries. In the most extreme cases, accidents result in brain or spinal injuries or even in death. Fatal accidents such as these are thankfully rare in Calgary, yet they are still a feature of life in any city despite going unnoticed except by those whom they directly impact.

One recent accident that occurred here in Calgary is a different story. The circumstances are especially tragic in that two young lives were lost and a third will be forever weighed down by the two fatalities, though arguably the accident was no one’s fault. This case caught Calgary’s attention not only because of the sudden and startling loss it represents, but because of the legal concerns it has raised. While we cannot comment on the specific legal realities of this case, we can answer some general questions that the case has raised regarding liability and wrongful death claims.

The Facts of a Dual Fatality Calgary Accident

The accident occurred in a Calgary parking lot, when a work van traveling at high speed struck a passenger vehicle and killed both its driver and the other passenger in the car. There is no indication that the passenger vehicle had failed to yield the right of way or otherwise obstructed traffic, and the high speed attained in a parking lot would seem to suggest that the driver of the work van was at fault.

If this were a typical case, both the driver of the work van and the company whose van was being driven could potentially be liable for the wrongful deaths caused in the accident—and that may still be the case. In this instance, however, the driver reportedly suffered a seizure or similar medical event immediately prior to the accident, and was already incapacitated when the accident occurred. This could have a substantial impact on both the driver’s and the company’s liability in this instance.

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