Medical procedures are often complex and confusing in and of themselves. Add in the legal complexities of potential malpractice, and it’s easy to see why even many Calgary lawyers steer clear of this area of law. It takes a great deal of knowledge and experience working with medical professionals as well as the ins and outs of this highly specific area of trial law to see a medical malpractice case through to a successful resolution, and as with any area of law there are never any guarantees.

So, when is calling a Calgary medical malpractice lawyer worthwhile? The answer might surprise you.

Complex Cases of Calgary Medical Malpractice Deserve Their Day in Court

In Calgary and Alberta at large, medical malpractice lawsuits are further complicated by the fact that most of the rules and guidelines surrounding malpractice aren’t actually “laws”—they aren’t pieces of legislation written in black and white and adopted by the Legislative Assembly or the Canadian Parliament. Instead, rulings made by judges in previous cases are used to shape the law and rulings in future cases. At times, certain past rulings can appear to be contradictory or yield multiple options, and this can make medical malpractice trials especially difficult.

That doesn’t mean anyone should ever give up on pursuing a legitimate medical malpractice case, though: ensuring justice is served is good for you and good for Calgary.

Most members of the medical profession are very dedicated, very knowledgeable, and very careful practitioners who strive to give the best care possible. It is only when egregious mistakes resulting in serious injuries occur that medical malpractice comes into play, and holding those responsible for malpractice accountable is not only fair to the victims of malpractice, but helps improve the quality and the transparency of the medical profession as a whole.

Of course, given the complexity of malpractice law it can be difficult for the average Calgary citizen to know when they have a viable claim, and that’s where the surprising answer to this article’s title question comes in. Although medical malpractice cases are often complex and can turn on gray areas of the law, we encourage you to contact a Calgary medical malpractice lawyer as soon as you even suspect that you or a family member has been the victim of malpractice.

No one can help you understand the law better than a licensed, educated, and experienced legal professional who has handled medical malpractice claims before. A lawyer, along with your medical team, will be able to determine if you were caused serious injury, additional symptoms, or prolonged illness due to another medical professional’s negligence. They can help you decide whether or not pursuing your case would be worthwhile, and may be able to suggest other avenues for assistance if the evidence does not support a medical malpractice claim.

Contact a Calgary Medical Malpractice Lawyer Today

The longer you delay in seeking legal advice following a potential medical malpractice incident, the lower your chances of a successful case become. Please contact a medical malpractice lawyer today and get the advice and assistance you’re entitled to.