As Calgary’s premier personal injury law firm, the lawyers and staff here at Cuming & Gillespie LLP are proud of our client satisfaction rating. We strive to give absolutely everyone who calls our office or walks through our doors the best possible treatment and the most accurate, comprehensive information and legal advice. Your situation is stressful enough as it is; your lawyer and legal team should help to alleviate that stress, not add to it.

Even so, we understand that most people would rather avoid calling a lawyer if they don’t have to. And after many Calgary car accidents, it probably isn’t necessary: if no one has been seriously injured, there don’t tend to be many problems getting the insurance company for the driver responsible for the accident to pay for damage to vehicles. The smaller medical expenses for a post-accident checkup and the treatment for bruises, abrasions, and minor soft tissue damage will also be covered, and if you can be put whole without a lawyer’s help, great!

Unfortunately, not all car accidents that occur in the Greater Calgary Area are minor. Serious injuries, including wrongful deaths, can and do occur. Not only can fair compensation for these outcomes be more than many insurance companies are willing to pay for outright, proving the extent of these injuries and the disruption they have caused to you and your families can be a complex process. In these cases, calling a personal injury lawyer is one of the best decisions you can make.

Negotiating Fair Compensation from Calgary Car Insurance Providers

One of the primary reasons that calling a personal injury lawyer might be necessary following a Calgary car accident is the fact that insurance companies are for-profit companies. As such, they will often try to pay less to injury victims than they deserve, which can leave you facing substantial medical bills and lost wages without any compensation. The insurance companies have lawyers who will attempt to negotiate these lower payouts, and who the average Calgary citizen might often find intimidating due to the gap in experience and knowledge of the law.

A personal injury lawyer who fights on behalf of plaintiffs brings balance back to the system, putting knowledge and experience on your side, as well. Your personal injury lawyer, working with your medical team, will help you determine what a fair level of compensation is based on the extent of your injuries, how completely you are able to heal and how long the healing process will take, your time away from work and/or lost productivity, and any pain and suffering you experience. They will then negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf, securing you the best outcome possible for your case.

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