When you or a family member has been seriously injured in a car accident in the Greater Calgary Area, contacting a lawyer is probably the last thing on your mind. In addition to the physical trauma a major car accident can cause, the immediate medical needs you must attend to, and the other practical problems created by lost work, a lost vehicle, and so on, you’re also dealing with a great deal of emotional trauma.

Fear for the outcome of a family member still in a Calgary-area hospital, anxiety about getting behind the wheel after witnessing what can happen, anger at the driver responsible for causing the accident—these are all common feelings and very understandable. With all of the physical and emotional stress you’re under, contacting a lawyer and adding a legal battle to your plate could very well be at the bottom of your list of priorities.

When you properly understand the role that a Calgary personal injury lawyer plays as you and your family recover from a serious car accident, though, you’ll make that phone call as soon as possible.

Calgary Personal Injury Lawyers Work to Relieve Stress and Help You Focus on Recovering

A knowledgeable, dedicated, and compassionate personal injury lawyer won’t add to the stress you’re experiencing after a car accident—they’ll cut it down to the point that it becomes manageable, and help give you hope for a recovery that leaves you financially whole. Dealing with the other driver’s insurance company, worrying about medical bills that are going unpaid, lost wages due to your injuries or your need to take care of a seriously injured family member, and other practical concerns are all shifted from your shoulders to your lawyer’s.

You should be able to focus on what’s most important—your health and the wholeness of your family—without setting yourself up for more struggle in the future due to the expenses created by a car accident. An experienced Calgary personal injury lawyer knows the law and has worked on car accident cases similar to your own, and can typically handle these details and the insurance companies involved more effectively and more efficiently than the average Calgarian, giving you a better outcome with less to worry about.

Calgary Personal Injury Lawyers with Compassion and Confidence

Here at Cuming & Gillespie LLP, Calgary’s premier plaintiff-only personal injury law firm, we help car accident victims and their families every day. We know how tough it can be to get insurance companies to pay fair compensation to car accident victims, and we know how important full compensation can be to families who are both physically and financially set back by accidents they weren’t at fault for. We treat everyone who enters our office like our own family—with care and understanding, and with the determination to see each case through to the best possible conclusion for our clients.

If you or a family member has been seriously injured in a Calgary-area car accident and you would like to speak to a lawyer about your options, please contact us today and get the help you deserve.