More from a Calgary personal injury lawyer about your right to representation following a serious accident.

In Part 1 of this article, you learned that your right to a Calgary personal injury lawyer is of paramount importance if your or a family member has been seriously injured in an accident. Your right to consult with and be represented by an experienced personal injury lawyer is key to protecting all of your other rights, and ensures that you have the best possible chance at getting the full compensation you’re entitled to.

Furthermore, you learned that your right to a lawyer also gives you the right to stop being bothered by other lawyers—namely lawyers working for the insurance company(ies) representing the party responsible for your injuries. They may use intimidation or other stressful tactics to encourage you to settle for a lower amount and potentially lose other rights and protections you’re entitled to under the law; as soon as you tell them if have a personal injury lawyer handling your case, they’re legally required to stop contacting you directly and to start working with your lawyer.

An experienced Calgary personal injury lawyer saves you time and stress starting immediately, and protects your long-term rights and interests, as well. If that’s all you got when you exercised your right to a Calgary personal injury lawyer, it would already be well worth your while. But there are still more ways partnering with a lawyer helps your case in and out of the Calgary courts.

A Calgary Personal Injury Lawyer Eliminates Confusion and Costly Errors

Though Calgary’s legal system does not exactly enable lawyers to “specialize” in a given type of case or area of law, there are lawyers and law firms that focus primarily on specific case types with many common elements. Cuming & Gillespie LLP is a dedicated plaintiff-only law firm—we only serve the interests of injury victims and their families. Our legal team brings committed, focused, and abundant experience to pursuing your personal injury claim.

When you have an experienced Calgary personal injury lawyer as your partner, you can be confident that your case will profess as smoothly and effectively, with a sure hand guiding things. Most non-lawyers are understandably confused and overwhelmed when they find themselves facing the legal realities of a personal injury case, and most are likely to make substantial errors in their court filings and other documents that can cause substantial harm to their case. A lawyer who has been there before will help ensure those errors don’t happen, and will make your confusion a thing of the past.

Your Rights Start Today. Call a Calgary Personal Injury Lawyer NOW

We’ll have even more information in Part 3 of this article on how your right to a Calgary personal injury lawyer helps your case. Don’t let your rights get away from you in the meantime! For a free initial consultation with one of Calgary’s most dedicated personal injury lawyer, please contact our office today.