The Calgary Police service does an excellent job of keeping our city safe. It is largely due to our law enforcement team that Calgary has one of the lowest crime rates of any major city, not just in Canada but throughout the world. But as we know all too well, mistakes can be made and accidents can happen, and when these accidents cause injuries those responsible should be held accountable.

A recent case involving a Calgary Police dog has been making headlines all over our city, both because of the injuries the dog caused to a minor and because of the legal considerations involved in an injury case where a member of the Calgary Police, and even certain policies of the Calgary Police Service, are called into question. We cannot comment on the specifics of this case as we know no more than what has been made publically available, and that hardly entitles us to weigh in on this case. We can, however, comment generally on your rights in Calgary if you or a family member is attacked by a dog.

Dog Attacks Can Be a Cause for Action in the Calgary Courts

First and foremost, everyone in Calgary has the right to walk around their neighborhoods without worrying about being attacked by dogs or other pets. Every dog owner, and everyone who has taken responsibility for a dog on their property, also has a responsibility to prevent that dog from attacking anyone. If you are on someone else’s property illegally and are attacked by their dog that could be a different story, but if you are in a public area or on your own property and are attacked by someone else’s dog without any provocation, there is little question that the dog owner is responsible.

Exactly what expenses they’re responsible for can vary from case to case, but medical bills resulting from the attack, payments for counseling due to the very real psychological trauma such attacks can cause, and judgments for pain and suffering are relatively common. Keep in mind that such cases involve serious injuries and usually involve larger dogs; while being chased and nipped by a dog of any size isn’t OK and should be reported, if there are no injuries or only minor skin wounds the Calgary courts are not your best option for a resolution.

Serious dog bites can cause extensive injuries, on the other hand, including damage to muscles, nerve tissue, and even internal organs. Victims of such attacks can suffer significantly as a result of these injuries, and under Calgary law they deserve to be “made whole” insofar as is possible.

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