To whom it may concern.We had the privilege to work with Craig on two separate occasions. My wife was in a car accident and a year later we lost our father to a medical error. We had complete confidence in Craig.Craig kept as well informed throughout the entire process. We had all the documents and information at our disposal, and we knew exactly what was happening at any given time.We had his help and expertise available any time we needed it, or just had a simple question. He was always well prepared and he always put 110% into anything he did. He kept us well prepared for several examinations of discovery, and made us ready and confident to face any question that was placed in front of us.It was amazing to see how Craig was able to control and handle any situation that was raised, and was always ready and able to stand up for us with the other lawyers. To us it was clear that Craig had good reputation with other lawyers in the way they respected each other and handled the claim. It was a very difficult time for our entire family and it was very comforting to know that we were in good hands.It was very hard period in our lives, and we will always be thankful to Craig for being there with us every step of the way, and giving us his help and support any time we needed it.We full-heartedly recommend Craig to anybody needing smart, confident lawyer ready to do anything to help their cause.SincerelyOKV