Mild to Moderate Soft Tissue Injuries: The Essential Collection Palpal-Latoc v. Berstad, [2004] A.J. No. 240 the plaintiff suffered injuries which persisted for only seven months. At trial the jury awarded $2,500.00 for general damages. On Appeal, the Court held that $2,500.00 for a seven month injury was inordinately low and substituted an award of $12,000.00 for general damages [updated $13,500]. Sra v. Zhu, 2007 ABQB 426, the 54 year old male plaintiff was injured when he was tboned in a red light intersection collision. He suffered from lower back pain, neck pain and TMJ pain. The court was of the view that he had pre-existing injuries and was also in a subsequent accident. The court had concerns over the plaintiff’s credibility. The court held that his injuries resolved within three to four months. The court awarded $13,000.00 [updated $13,500] in general damages. Reimer v. Polgar, [2005] A.J. No. 373 (Prov Ct.) the plaintiff suffered soft tissue injuries that were symptomatic for 11 months and were expected to continue on an intermittent basis for some time into the future. The court awarded general damages of $16,500 for the acute phase of less than 1 year plus an additional $3,000 for the ongoing intermittent pain for a total of $19,500.00 updated [$20,750]. Teichgraber v. Gallant, [2003] A.J. No. 70 the plaintiff suffered soft tissue injuries in a very low impact collision. The court had concerns over the plaintiff=s credibility and found that many symptoms were exaggerated. The court was of the view that the plaintiff suffered a mild to moderate soft tissue injury to his neck and back which lasted six months and should have completely resolved after a short period of further intermittent pain. In this case the court assessed the general damages of at $17,000.00. [Updated $18,600]. Krawchuk v. Mellor, [2003] A.J. No. 216 the female plaintiff was rear ended and suffered soft tissue injuries. For only two months she had acute pain and then had lingering intermittent pain for 15 more months. The court awarded $18,000.00 in general damages [updated $19,725] for the two month acute injury combined with the ongoing intermittent and occasional pain. Morrow v. Zhang, 2008 ABQB 98 the court considered the constitutionality of the Alberta Government “Cap” on soft tissue injuries. The court held that the cap was unconstitutional. In doing so the court assessed damages for two soft tissue injuries:

Pearl Morrow v. Jian Yue Zhang The 34 year old female plaintiff suffered soft tissue injuries to her neck and upper back but was noted to have a history neck and back pain that predated the Collision. She experienced some tingling and numbness for 6 months post Collision. She was diagnosed with having a “WAD II” injury and mild lumbar strain and attended for 21 physiotherapy treatments. She also attended for 13 chiropractic adjustments and several massage therapy treatments. It was noted that the plaintiff had injuries that were acute for approximately 10 months with gradual improvement over 18 months. Balancing the plaintiffs moderate soft tissue injuries and her underlying medical history the court awarded $20,000.00 in General Damages. Wittmann J. Brea Pederson v. Darin James Van Thournout et. al. The 32 year old female plaintiff was rear ended while yielding to pedestrians. The plaintiff suffered soft tissue injuries to her neck, shoulders, back and wrists. Her neck, shoulder and back pain resolved within one month of the Collision. She continued to have wrist pain on an ongoing intermittent basis. The Certified Examiner suggested that the Plaintiff suffered a Grade II soft tissue injury to her neck and back and an injury to her wrist. For soft tissue injuries and the Grade I wrist strain injury the Court awarded $15,000.00 in General Damages. Wittmann J.

Ly v. Gilbert, 2001 CarswellAlta 1524 (Q.B.) two plaintiffs, both 36, suffered soft tissue injuries to their neck and back. Both had pre-existing injuries that were relatively asymptomatic at the time of the accident. They had decreased range of motion and tenderness with pain. The injuries, for the most part, resolved after one year with some ongoing minimal stiffness. The court awarded $25,000.00 [updated $29,000] and $20,000.00 [updated $23,200] respectively. Dyck v. Wilkinson, [2004] A.J. No. 1155 the female plaintiff suffered neck and lower back pain with some hip pain that lasted approximately 18 months. The Court found that she would also have some intermittent ongoing pain beyond that time but none of her normal activities were restricted. The plaintiff had underlying degenerative disc disease that the Court held was not worsened by the accident. The Court also refused to accept that the Plaintiff had suffered from any permanent or partial impairment. In this case, with soft tissue injuries lasting approximately 18 months, Justice Rooke awarded $30,000.00 in general damages [updated $32,500]. Case Summaries Prepared by Craig G. Gillespie Cuming & Gillespie LLP 403-571-0555