Pre-Judgment Interest: Date of injury not claim Willeson v. Calgary (City) [2008] A.J. No. 564. The plaintiff sustained soft tissue injuries and a concussion. At trial, the judge awarded $45,000 for general damages. The judge held that pre-judgment interest was to be calculated from the time the Statement of Claim was served not the date of the accident. The Court of Appeal upheld the award of general damages. The Court went to hold that interest is to be calculated from the date of the accident as that is when the defendant was aware of a claim. Soft Tissue Injury: One Year Deo v. Wong, [2008] B.C.J. No. 466 the plaintiff suffered soft tissue injuries in a collision. The court concluded that the soft tissue injuries to the plaintiff’s neck and back resolved within 1 year. The plaintiff also developed knee pain 6 months after the collision. At trial the court awarded $36,650 for all of the injuries including the knee. On appeal, the court held that the knee injury was not related and reduced the damages by $7,000.  The British Columbia Court of Appeal supported and affirmed an award of $29,650 for a moderate soft tissue injury that resolved within one year. Chronic Pain O’Scolai v. Antrajenda [2008] A.J. No. 495 the female plaintiff was rear ended in what the court called a minor collision. After 4 years, the plaintiff had not returned to work and was suffering from neck pain, shoulder pain, TMJ pain, weakness in her limbs, nausea and vomiting. After a period of time the plaintiff developed a severe abnormal posture in her neck. The court considered issues of causation and credibility. The court noted that the plaintiff had prior complaints of pain in her neck and shoulder that was noted to be severe at times. The court also concluded that the plaintiff deliberately exaggerated her symptoms. The court concluded that the plaintiff suffered from an aggravation of neck and shoulder pain, TMJ pain, nausea and vomiting. The court concluded that the plaintiff’s abnormal neck posture and weakness in her limbs were not caused by the collision. The court concluded that after the passing of 4 years the plaintiff did continue to have a degree of pain in her neck and jaw as well as reduced range of motion but that the severity was exaggerated. The court awarded $75,000 for general damages.  [Justice Read] Case Summaries Prepared by Craig G. Gillespie Cuming & Gillespie LLP 403-571-0555