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Calgary Police Involved in One Car Accident Per Day

Posted in: Blog // Written on behalf of Cuming & Gillespie
October 5, 2015

According to reports, Calgary Police Service vehicles were involved in 368 collisions in 2014—almost exactly one for each day of the year. Though most of these accidents were very minor, some hardly causing any damage to the vehicle, and most not leading to any serious injuries, this figure is still an important reminder of just how common car accidents are in the Calgary area.

Assuming that each of the Calgary Police vehicles involved in a collision during 2014 was only involved in one car accident that year, more that thirty percent of their entire fleet was affected by these traffic incidents.

Like other law enforcement vehicles, the car, trucks, and SUVs operated by the Calgary Police Service are more likely to be in situations that leave them at higher risk for being involved in an accident. The side of a busy road or highway—where Calgary Police are likely to find themselves when issuing traffic citations, assisting disabled vehicles, or responding to previous car accidents—is statistically one of the most dangerous places for a person or vehicle to be, and police vehicles are often used to purposefully obstruct traffic for a variety of reasons.

Just because police vehicles aren’t always following the standard rules of the road, doesn’t mean you’re off the hook if you hit a police car and cause serious injuries. Stay alert, and use caution whenever you’re out on Calgary’s roads.

If you’ve been injured in a Calgary-area car accident due to someone else’s negligence, whether or not the Calgary Police were involved, contact Cuming & Gillespie today for a free consultation.

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