There are several types of damages (compensation awards) that may be available in personal injury cases, depending on the circumstances. These can include:

  • General (non-pecuniary) damages, which are intended to compensate plaintiffs for the pain and suffering, inconvenience, or reduced quality of life caused by the injury;
  • Economic or special (pecuniary) damages, which reimburse the injured party for the out-of-pocket expenses incurred (or that are likely to be incurred in the future) as a result of the injury, including lost income, medical and rehabilitation expenses, and housekeeping costs;
  • Punitive and aggravated damages, which are intended to punish the defendant whose conduct caused the injury. These damages are less commonly awarded by courts than compensatory damages (general and economic/special damages).

A knowledgeable personal injury lawyer will review the circumstances of your case and can provide a thorough assessment of the type and range of damages you may expect to recover.