“When I was involved in a serious car accident, my life changed forever.  It quickly became apparent that I was going to have a long recovery ahead of me.  As a lawyer, I knew that I needed counsel that I could trust to protect my interests and pursue my claim in a highly competent manner so that I could spend my time and energy on my physical and emotional health instead of my legal situation.  I had many high expectations, in particular regarding strategy and communication, and the lawyers and staff of Cuming & Gillespie LLP met them all.  Over the years that ensued, Craig was always available to deal with any matter on the file and his advice on my claim was excellent.  I never once felt the need to second guess how the file was being handled, which is a challenge for many lawyers.  Legal Assistant Dee-Anne was invaluable to the process – extremely organized, responsive, and friendly.  When the claim was resolved, the best possible outcome was achieved. The manner in which my file was handled was without par and the firm’s commitment to my claim was evident in the outcome.  As such, I would highly recommend Cuming & Gillespie LLP. -T.M”